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Staff application
Started by skeppyrhino



19 Apr 2020

What's your IGN: oreothe1st
Age: 14
Why do you want to be staff?: I want to be staff because  I'll like to help out the server with issues and etc
Which staff rank do you want to be?:  Builder
How mature are you out of 10 (be honest): 8
How much will you abuse out of 10 (be honest): 9
How long have you been on the server for before applying?: 2-5 months 
Were you banned, demoted or told to apply here? Answer these choices (we can check): No but my last application got denied 
What are you good with?: helping with issues on the server 
Are you willing to help the server?: yes I am
How long will you be playing on our server?: 2 hours every  3 days if that makes sense 
Will you be making videos of catching hackers for proof?: yes
Will you be making YouTube videos?: Yes
Are you applying to be immune to the rules?: No
Will you follow the application policy?: Yes

Will you respect every player and staff member?:I promise to you I'll give every staff member the respect they need.

Are you just applying to show off?:  No 

(I needed to redo the last two questions so that's why there in a different font)

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