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about 1 year ago
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about 1 year ago
Shpetzie staff application 3

Accepted. Please contact me and Josh on the teamspeak for your training. 

Thank you! 

Alex & Josh.

about 1 year ago
Shpetzie staff application

Denied, This has been copyed from mine, please take the time and effort to make an application if you wish. 

about 1 year ago
Shpetzie staff application

Sorry, but this is not we are are currently looking for. 

We would be looking for the following:

  • More detail
  • Better grammar 

This should be taken way more serious then it seems like it was taken. 


Thank you! 


about 1 year ago
Alex's New Manager Application

What's your IGN: My current IGN is Alex42809.
Age: I am currently twelve,
Why do you want to be staff?: I would like to be staff so I can help the server out and make the server a fun and friendly place :D!
Which staff rank do you want to be?: I would like to be manager to help Josh(the owner) with many things including the, making the rules more strict, staff members, and many other things. 
How mature are you out of 10 (be honest): In my way of saying, my muturity level is about an 6-8. When I am happy or anything other than that, I can be muture at about a three but get back together in about five minutes.

How much will you abuse out of 10 (be honest):  I will abuse at around at three. If I am trolling I will contact the owner before I do anything big. 
How long have you been on the server for before applying?: I have been on the server since V1 or V2. I am not sure exactly. 
Were you banned, demoted or told to apply here? Answer these choices (we can check): I have been demoted, and pretty sure I have been banned. What I have done has been in the past,  and since then I have changed. 
What are you good with?: I am good with moderation of the teamspeak and the minecraft server. I can also do things as a dev, as I had my own server at one point. 
Are you willing to help the server?: I will for sure help the server if I know how to help the situation. If it is something that I can do and I am not on, I can be on if called via phone number, or telegram. I will try to be way more active on telegram as I will try to be more professional on there. 
 How long will you be playing on our server?: I will try to be active for at least 2 hours a day on the actual minecraft server, and might be on all day on the teamspeak.
Will you be making videos of catching hackers for proof?: If I see a hacker or I am suspicious that a player is hacking, I will record to make sure they are before I ban them.  
Will you be making YouTube videos?: Once I get a better pc, I will try to make YouTube videos about the community and playerbase.
Are you applying to be immune to the rules?: I completely agree with the rules, and with my manager I will like to help everyone by following the rules more strictly.
Will you follow the application policy?: I completely agree with the application policy, and will follow it with my best.

Will you respect every player and staff member?: I will respect every player and staff member equally. If I notice something is wrong, I will figure something out.
Are you just applying to show off?: I am not applying to show off. I really want to help the server.