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Application Questions + Policy

Thank you for wishing to apply for GamersFreedom.
Please read the policy first below before applying for staff.
Copy and paste all the questions and answer them in your application.

What's your IGN:
Why do you want to be staff?:
Which staff rank do you want to be?:
How mature are you out of 10 (be honest):
How much will you abuse out of 10 (be honest):
How long have you been on the server for before applying?:
Were you banned, demoted or told to apply here? Answer these choices (we can check):
What are you good with?:
Are you willing to help the server?:
How long will you be playing on our server?:
Will you be making videos of catching hackers for proof?:
Will you be making YouTube videos?:
Are you applying to be immune to the rules?:
Will you follow the application policy?:

Will you respect every player and staff member?:
Are you just applying to show off?:
(More staff app questions soon)

Our Application Policy
1. We do not allow alts applying for GamersFreedom. If we find out that it is someone we know, we will not make your staff (if you applied on your alt the first time, still a no).
2. When you apply for staff, you agree to: be active, work as hard as you can on GamersFreedom, message the owner if problems with anything and not high levels of abuse.
3. Applications will be sent out to staff members.
4. You have to be on once every 2 weeks or be on the 1w 6d mark we will give a warning, on the last day we will give you a final warning before demotion.
5. You have to be online for 1 month before applying.
6. We dont allow players that have been banned or demoted in the past month to apply on our server.
7. All staff must comply to the rules. Having a staff rank doesnt give you immunity to the rules.
8. Avoid drama at all costs.
9. No joking around. This server is a seirous matter and does not need any playing around.
10. If drama happens, DO NOT CONTACT the Owner. Just solve it by yourselfs.