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about 1 year ago
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7 months ago
DaniielM's Blacklist Appeal

I wish to be unblacklisted because i feel that i have changed on the trust side and will not abuse with ease. I have been trying to change as much as i can to try and be trusted again... I know it is very hard for the staff team to even try to trust me again, which I understand. But I am trying to be trusted.

about 1 year ago
Daniel' 2nd Blacklist Appeal

I think I should be unblacklisted because I hate being blacklisted and I want to apply and try my best and do my best to be as loyal as I could ever be in any shape or form. I really feel I have changed and am more obedient then I used to be. I really feel that I can help again. Please consider my appeal. Thanks.

about 1 year ago
DaniielM's Blacklist Appeal

I feel that I should be unblacklisted because I mentally feel that i can apply and bring some kind of good to help gamersfreedom wether that is donating, buying servers that they can use, and more. I feel I can help the server more and would just love if I can be unblacklisted.